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Zombies Blog : Our Server and the gone Zone

Hi Warriors,

In my Blog I want to talk a little bit over all whats going on in the Mechwarrior Gaming Universe.

But at first i got some question and want to answer theme.

Q: Do you think the Zone comes back ?

A: No ,I don't think it, but I hope that I'am wrong. Mektek tolds it is a Money Thing, but you can't earn Money with that old game, so I think the regular Zone is dead now.
Q: Why your Servers are not at Gameranger ?

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Board Blog 10

- Fixed Download links on Main Page !

Now all the links will work correctly and will link you to the Download Node with the right Download Link.

Don't wonder with the Link URL, its a secured link from the Filehoster


- Why as download hoster ?

Its simple, at we get 50 GB space with unlimited traffic for free.

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Board Blog 9

- Datenbank Backup: Die Datenbanken des Boards werden jetzt automatisch 1x am Tag gesichert.

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Board Blog 8

:smoke: Hailz Warriors, :smoke: You see, there is something going on. We have optimized the look of the page, dropped some dead links out of the navigation bar and made some content. We have fixed the problems with the Blacklisted Mailsystem, so now all users can get their mail, when they click on the "request new password" Link. And it looks like we have fixed the spam problem :bigsmile: Since a long time we have now a running Download Zone 8) And at first we packed in our =SoE=Maps by =SoE=Kampfschwein. No worry, the rest comes in the next weeks ...

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Board Blog 7

At first we say sorry.

Why ?

We have blocked shouting for anonymous users at this time.
At the last days we had up to 8 shouts per hour with spam.

We have the same Problem with some new users, which spammed us.
[b][color=red]We will kick every user without warning who posts Spam here ![/color][/b]
And we have now a new Content spam filter.
On every Topic, comment or blog you find a new Option "Mark as Spam"
When you see spam, please click to it and mark the thread as Spam.

The second Thing we say sorry is a Problem with our mailserver.


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