Zombies Blog : Our Server and the gone Zone

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Hi Warriors,

In my Blog I want to talk a little bit over all whats going on in the Mechwarrior Gaming Universe.

But at first i got some question and want to answer theme.

Q: Do you think the Zone comes back ?

A: No ,I don't think it, but I hope that I'am wrong. Mektek tolds it is a Money Thing, but you can't earn Money with that old game, so I think the regular Zone is dead now.
Q: Why your Servers are not at Gameranger ?

A: Gameranger is a nice replacement for the Zone, but it isn't compatible to the Mercenaries & Vengeance Dedicated Servers and the Evilbot. And it is not compatible to run multiple Servers on one IP.
Q: Do you plan something for MW4 in the Future ?

A: Yes, MW4 is our favourite Game for years. No other mechgame brings the same feeling like MW4 Vengeance & Mercenaries. And it is a game which runs on many Systems, from Windows 98 to the actual Windows 8 without bigger Problems. And you can Play it with really old Hardware.
Q: Do you want to reactivate the Vengeance Server ?

A: Only for Events, because Vengeance is outdated. Vengeance has many Problems with the actual Windows since Windows 7. The Mechpaks are not running and something more.
Q: Do you have plans for for Mercenaries & the Zone ?

A: Not really plans, but Ideas. But I am not a programmer. The last Thing I have programmed was in Times of an CPC464 & C64 (The Zone Switcher wasn't really programming, it is code clicking :) and everyone can do that ...)
Without help from good coding guys (or ladies) we can't reengeneer the Zone and program some new in a short time, this will be a fulltime Job for weeks or month.
But one Idea is to reactivate the Server Seeker from Mektek and reengeneer the Servermodule from it. (or mektek spends the Server Seeker Server Module to the Community ;) ) Or someone trys to Programm something similar to this.
It must have three modules. A Server , a Gameserver Client module and a module for the gamers. Has someone Ideas for it ?
Q: Do you plan to stop Hosting your gameservers ?

A: No not at this time, as long as we have Players on it I don't stop Hosting.
Q: Something More ?

A: Yes , one to the MW4 Community : In this time we all must work together, more than in the past. So please give out Information over running Servers, their IP's and more.
At the next weeks I will make a tutorial to host a Server with dynamic IP Service 8)

And one to Microsoft : give out Mechwarrior 4 as Freeware, and you can tell everyone you have made a legendary Game ...