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At first we say sorry.

Why ?

We have blocked shouting for anonymous users at this time.
At the last days we had up to 8 shouts per hour with spam.

We have the same Problem with some new users, which spammed us.
[b][color=red]We will kick every user without warning who posts Spam here ![/color][/b]
And we have now a new Content spam filter.
On every Topic, comment or blog you find a new Option "Mark as Spam"
When you see spam, please click to it and mark the thread as Spam.

The second Thing we say sorry is a Problem with our mailserver.
We are blacklisted at this time on Hotmail and some other mailservers.
But we don't know why.
It seems that one of the mailservers in the range of our webhoster got hacked
and spammed massively, so parts of the IP-Range from our hoster is blacklisted at the moment.

Something new:

When you look in the Books, we have now a category Tutorials.
In this Category we will publish at the next few weeks tutorials to build a Mechwarrior 4 Server
with DynDNS Service, run a server with Evilbot configuring the gameclient and those things.
[b][color=blue]We will not let the game die ...[/color][/b]

Zombie plans an experimental thing : Run a MW4 Server on a Raspberry Pi.
We don't know that it works (because it is a linux based system), but when it works we make a big tutorial and a forum category for it.
You want to know what a Raspberry Pi is ? Look Here ->

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John Doe's in der Shoutbox

Sollte es jetzt Spamseitig so ruhig bleiben wird das shouten für John Doe's demnächst wieder erlaubt !
Zum Test können John Doe's bereits schreiben, werden aber die nächsten Tage noch moderiert, d.h. erst nach freigabe durch einen Admin/Moderator werden die shouts angezeigt.

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Alternative Mailsystem

We run with another mailaccount now, so all users with Mailaccounts like hotmail etc, can now get their login mails.
If it doesn't comes automatic, please click the "Request New Password" Link under the Login field.

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- Added new Spamtrap and

- Added new Spamtrap and Spamblocker :
Please do not wonder, the Spamtrap System has added new Forum Topics (starting with Spamtrap : )
You only can find them under spam, when you see them in other Topics and categories please send us an Information over the Board.
- New Mailsystem :
Since the IP of our Mailsystem is blacklisted on some Mailservers, we changed to another Mailaccount.
At this time we run a gmail account as outbound Mailserver for the Board (soeserver .at. gmail dot com)so please don't wonder.
When we are not longer blacklisted we Switch back to the old mailadress (Forum .at. shadows-of-empirion dot de)
When you send mails, please send them to a shadows-of-empirion account (webmaster .at. shadows-of-empirion dot de or Forum .at. shadows-of-empirion dot de)

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