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:smoke: Hailz Warriors, :smoke: You see, there is something going on. We have optimized the look of the page, dropped some dead links out of the navigation bar and made some content. We have fixed the problems with the Blacklisted Mailsystem, so now all users can get their mail, when they click on the "request new password" Link. And it looks like we have fixed the spam problem :bigsmile: Since a long time we have now a running Download Zone 8) And at first we packed in our =SoE=Maps by =SoE=Kampfschwein. No worry, the rest comes in the next weeks ... The Tutorials have changed to an own category, and we work on more tutorials. When someone has a good one and want to see it on our board, send it. :) If you find bugs or you have other ideas for this board, please report it in our [url=]Forum Bugs Thread[/url] See ya on the Battlefields =SoE=Zombie

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We need Something :D

I hope someone can help us.
For the Download Zone we Need some Files :

The english Versions of the MekPak's from 1-3.02b in all Variants (The German Versions we have :) )

And there are many lost Maps & Tools for Mercenaries and Vengeance ,when you have Maps which are not listed in our Download Zone, please send them to us.
Send smaller files by Mail to "Forum at".
When you have a clouddrive (Google Drive, Skydrive, Dropbox ... ) Load the bigger Files to it, and send us a download link.
As far as we can, we load it and give you the Information that we have it.

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