Mekpak 3.1 Server Package Installer

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Based on the standalone installer I have made a Server Package Installer.

[url=!xxB2jAgT!ewnJNyDSo2XzQJjpred-8DD5wbEzHd-WlLyietNG-R... Here[/url]

Inside this package you will find :

  • MekPak 3.1 Basefiles (compatible to the Free Release incl. Patch .0030c)
  • =SoE=ServerMap Pack 1
  • MW4Monitor/Evilbot with Plugins

With this Installer you have all what you need to build a dedicated MW4 Server.

No MTX or .mtx files needed !

If you have problems or find a bug, please report it here in our Forum.

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Installer Updated to Version

Installer Updated to Version 0.92

- New =SoE= Intro Video

- Killed some outdated Files

- Server Installs now in the Standard Program Path "..\Mechwarrior 4 Mercenaries MP 3.1\" not longer in "..\Mechwarrior 4 Mercenaries MP 3.1 Server\"

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Installer updated to v 0.93

Installer updated to v 0.93 :

- included Additional Map Pack

- Connection File updated to our new Hostname

- Links in Startmen├╝ and Desktop changed to mw4monitor.exe

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