Mercs Coop Missions

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Description: 103.7 MB

The Merc's Co-Op Team and Mechstorm are proud to present Mech Warrior Mercenaries Co-Op. This was a long painstaking project so we hope you all enjoy it as much as we have.

Are you tired of going it alone? Are you sick of AI bots getting in your way? Well now you don't have too. The Merc's Coop team proudly presents to you 35 of the original single player missions re-created for multiplayer Co-Op. Now you an up to 4 friend's can plan and coordinate your attacks with other human players working your way through each mission to complete each of the objectives as they are presented.

Get real time voice mission briefings in game from Specter and Castle as the missions evolve and new objective are completed. We think you all will agree after playing Merc's Coop that each mission has been re-created to almost perfect recreation of the original missions down to the last detail as they were in the single player game.

To enjoy Merc’s Coop to its fullest we recommend that you download the High Definition patch for Mercenaries; this patch adds new enhanced weapon sounds and enhanced weapon effects, New Mech Textures and enhanced background textures along with all new Mech cockpits. This is a must download for any MechWarrior if you wish to get the full effect while playing Merc’s Coop.