Camera Ship Commands

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Spectator camera becomes the default camera after player’s ’Mech dies: When a player’s ’Mech dies in a no-respawn multiplayer battle, the spectator camera becomes the default camera. The spectator camera selects the highest point scorer or the ’Mech responsible for the most recent damage and focuses on that ’Mech as the "hero." The camera includes in the scene the ’Mech having the most interaction with the hero. If the hero dies, the camera switches to focus on the ’Mech that killed the hero and that ’Mech’s main opponent. If no action is observed for the hero for 20 seconds, the camera switches to the current highest scoring ’Mech and its main opponent.


To view a ’Mech other than the hero, press ENTER. By pressing ENTER repeatedly, you can cycle through all ’Mechs currently in the game.


Camera Ship controls are available: The Camera Ship feature can be selected by all players in the multiplayer game lobby. It allows players to view any part of the map from many different angles. Camera functions are as follows.


Camera function

Keyboard or joystick

Pan up


Pan down


Rotate left


Rotate right


Zoom in


Zoom out



Joystick forward or back


Joystick left or right

Zoom in or out

Throttle up or down


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