Mechwarrior 4 Mercenaries Startoptionen

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Some hints to run the game:


* Win 2000/Windows XP: Nothing to do, run game and be happy …

* Win Vista / Win 7: Start Game with admin rights.

* Win 8: In most cases run and be happy, in some cases run as administrator and/or compatibility mode “Windows 7”


Commandline Commands to start mw4mercs.exe : "mw4mercs.exe <command>"


-window // starts Mercenaries in Window mode

-win32dedicated // starts dedicated Server Console of Mercenaries

-use24players   // starts with the ability to use the Server with 24 players, not only 16 (standard)

/gosnovideo     // disables the games intro video

-noautoconfig //disables autoconfiguration Program

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