How-To run a Server with Tunngle

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How-To run a Server with Tunngle :


In this Tutorial we will show you, how to run a dedicated Server in a Tunngle Network.


Why Tunngle and not Gameranger ?


     Tunngle only builds a new virtual Network, Gameranger controls your existing Network. In the most cases you can not run a Host by VNC because Gameranger blocks it.

In some cases a running TeamSpeak Server is not connectable with Gameranger.

You can not Host a Full Dedicated Server with Serverbots and/or AntiCheat Tools with Gameranger.

And you can Host only One Server. At this Time we host TWO fully dedicated Servers on the same Machine ;)


     In Tunngle you can run a full dedicated Server with Evilbot or other Server Tools. Tunngle let the game work like it is.

Gameranger not. You can only work with a normal Host, Gameranger controlls the Game, and only wants to start it in their “special” ways over the Gameranger Software.


       In Tunngle I can see all connected Servers in the Network inside the Gamebrowser and can switch easily between them inside the Game, like in Old Zone Times.

In Gameranger I only connect to one Server, when I want to switch, I have to close the Game, switch to the Lobby of a different Userroom, log me in there , and the I have to start the Game new.


       At Tunngle you can reach the Servers on all ways the Game works (IP Connect, Zone, Lan & Tunngle)

Gameranger blocks connection which will not come over the Gameranger Client.


       Gameranger wants to control everything what you Do with the Game.

Tunngle leaves the Game as it is.


At first you need :


- a runing dedicated Mechserver with or without Evilbot (look for our Dedicated Server Tutorial, to get the Server running)

- a ready registered Tunngle Account. The best way is to setup a seperate account for your Server. Then you can play and host on two different machines at the same time.




Download and install Tunngle on your Server PC.

You can load the Tunngle Client here ->


When Tunngle is installed, start it the first time,login to the Tunngle Network.

Set the Client to Autologin if you want to autostart it on an dedicated Server.







Port Routing :


You have to open The Tunngle Port.


If you only want to Host over Tunngle, you only need the Tunngle Port.

When you host over IP or Dyndns Service too, then you you have to open the Ports for Tunngle and the Game.

When you host and play with a client on different  machines in your Network, then you have to work with game & tunngle routing + DXPort.

Look at our Dedicated Server Tutorial for more Infos.


Tunngle only needs one port ( standard : 11155), so you only have to route this port for incoming connections to your host pc.

If you work with more than one Tunngle Client inside the Network, every Client has to have a different Port and Account.

(first PC 11155, sec. PC 11160, third PC 11165 ...)

You can find the actual used Port in the settings of the Tunngle Client.








Now you have 2 options :


-     (3a) Set your Server to an existing Public Network

Take the Network "Mechwarriors 4". This is the preferred way, because when we all host the Servers in this Network

players can see all Servers inside the ingame Serverbrowser. Just like the old Zone.



(3b) Make an own new Private Network.

             With a private Network you can set a password for it, and only players with the Password can join your Network.

              But the players have to switch between the different Networks to change the server.





We will start with the Public Network :


On the left side of the Tunngle Client you have a list with Public Networks, and a searchbox above.


Tunngle_net & search.PNG



Type Mech into the box and press Enter. Now you see a new Tab with 4-5 Networks with "Mech" in the Name.

Look for "Mechwarriors 4" in this list. Double klick it to connect to this Network.






  Now you can see your own username, and other conected users inside this channel.



Everyone in this Channel can see your hosted Server now at the Ingame Browser.

Thats all what you need for a public Network.




Now the way for a private Network :


At first you click on the Private Network Button on Top of the Tunngle Client.




Click on Create.




Now give the Network a Name and ,when you want ,a password


After that click “Create – Update”

To join your new Network, go down to “Join an existing Network”, put the Name and Password in the fields and press “Join”.





That’s all, now everyone who knows your Network can join to it on the same way.



After these Steps your Server will be visible in the Tunngle Networks, and players can join your game over the Ingame Browser of Mechwarrior 4.

They only have to run the Tunngle Client and enable “LAN” in their connections settings of the Game.





After that all connected players can see the Servers inside the Ingame Browser.

(Look on our Website for the Tutorial to play with Tunngle !)

If you run a Server which works over Dyndns or IP-Conection, it will work both.

Players can join via Tunngle and direct IP connection.










Future Way ?


Premium and Lifetime Tunngle Users can use a third way to bind a Server to the Tunngle Network.

It's called Tunngle Interlink.


This Way is not running with MechWarrior yet !!


But I hope that it will run in future.


In the public Network „Mechwarriors 4“ we have our =SoE=Server as Interlink and normal server,

so when you see our Servers twice (4 Servers from =SoE=) at the ingame Browser, it works. When you only see them one time (2 Servers from =SoE=),

the Interlink has no function, but you see our actual Server IP.


But Iam going to describe it anyway.


Interlink is interesting when you can't use the Tunngle Client, and your Server runs with a static IP or a dynamic DNS Service like TwoDNS.

In this case you can send a Reply to this Thread -> [link to the Tunngle Interlink Thread].


You have to send them these Informations :


IP : IP-Adress or Dynamic DNS Name

Game : Name of the Game

Port : Trigger Port of the Game

Network : Name of the Network where you want to bind the Server


As example :


IP :

Game : MechWarrior 4

Port : 28800,27999

Network : Mechwarriors 4




With this Informations the Tunngle Team sets a static redirect to your Server in the Tunngle Network.