How-To Play Mechwarrior with Tunngle

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How to Play Mechwarrior with Tunngle :

1) Download and install the Tunngle Client.

[]Download Tunngle Client Here[/url]


2) Register an account and Log-In


3) Search & Switch to the Network "Mechwarriors 4"




4) Open the Tunngle Port (standard 11155 UDP) on your Router and/or Firewall. You can see and check the port under "Settings" -> "Options".



5) Start Mechwarrior 4 and go to the Connection Settings of the game.


6) Enable "LAN" in your connection settings.




Thats all.

If all runs fine, you now see all Servers connected to the Tunngle Network inside the ingame browser of MW4 and you can connect them, like in old Zone times ;)




 The only Thing you have to Do :

Tunngle starts first, then the game ;)